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Conferences: Agents


This list focuses on agents who represent Picture Books, Middle Grade and/or Young Adult books, though many of them represent Adult works as well. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but I hope it will help those who are looking for opportunities to meet agents and hear from them in person about what they would like to acquire and what they look for in a manuscript. I update the conference pages almost daily as organizations or agents announce their conference information. The only conferences listed that are outside the United States and Canada are by The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

I welcome updates and corrections! Please send me a note through my Contact page. Follow my tweets for more writing workshop info.

Hover over the images on the right to see which agent/agency represented that recent/upcoming book. (It shows up in the bottom left corner.)

2015 Writers’ Conferences

May 27-29: Book Expo America, New York, NY
Emily Keyes—Fuse LiteraryFROM WHERE I WATCH YOU by Shannon Grogan; Agent: Sarah Davies, The Greenhouse Literary Agency

June 5-6: Southern Christian Writers Conference, Tuscaloosa, AL
Sally Apokedak—Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency
Karen Moore—Literary Management Group

June 6: First Pages, Long Island, NY
Kate McKean—Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
SCBWI Members Only

June 7-12: Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference, Santa Barbara, CALOST by S.A. Bodeen; Agent: Scott Mendel, Mendel Media Group
Paul Fedorko—N.S. Bienstock, Inc.
Toni Lopopolo—Toni Lopopolo Literary Management
Jennifer Rofé—Andrea Brown Literary Agency

June 11-14: Manuscript Boot Camp, Point Reyes Station, CA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary

June 12-14: 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference, Riverdale, NY
Mark Gottlieb—Trident Media GroupTHE CURIOUS WORLD OF CALPURNIA TATE by Jacqueline Kelly; Agent: Marcy Posner, Folio Literary Management

June 12-15: Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Alec Shane—Writers House
Adriana Dominguez—Full Circle Literary
Jennifer Chen Tran—Penumbra Literary Agency
Eric Smith—PS Literary Agency

June 12-16: Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference, Homer, AK
Andy Ross—Andy Ross Literary Agency
ANYWHERE BUT PARADISE by Anne Bustard; Agent: Emily Mitchell, Wernick & Pratt Agency

June 13: NJ SCBWI Conference, Plainsboro NJ
Marietta Zacker—Nancy Gallt Literary Agency
Alexander Slater—Trident Media Group
Rachel Orr—Prospect Agency
McCarthy, Sean—Sean McCarthy Literary Agency
Alexandra Penfold—Upstart Crow Literary
Marie Lamba—Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
John Cusick—Greenhouse Literary
Erzsi Deak—Hen & Ink Literary Studio
Liza Fleissig—Liza Royce Agency, LLCDEVOTED by Jennifer Matheiu; Agent:  Sarah LaPolla, Bradford Literary
Linda Camacho—Prospect Agency
Heather Alexander—Pippin Properties
Samantha Bremekamp—Corvisiero Agency

June 15-19: Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers, Sandy, UT
Brooks Sherman—The Bent Agency

June 25-30: ALA Conference, San Francisco, CA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary
Agent—Sandra Dijkstra Literary AgencyPAINLESS by S.A. Harazin; Agent: Steven Chudney, The Chudney Agency

June 26-28: Historical Novel Society Conference, Denver CO
Irene Goodman—Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Shannon Hassan—Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Kevan Lyon—Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Emmanuel Morgen—Stonesong
Nephele Tempest—The Knight Agency

June 26-28: Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference, Austin, TXI'M WITH CUPID: Anna Staniszewski; Agent: Ammi Joan Paquette, Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Emily Forland—Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.
Kirby Kim—Janklow & Nesbit Associates

June 26-28: The Big Story Writers Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer AzantianAzantian Literary Agency
Steve Hutson—WordWise Media Services
Toni Lopopolo—Toni Lopopolo Literary Agency
Andy Ross—
Andy Ross Literary Agency

July 6-13: Squaw Valley Writers Worskhop, Squaw Valley, CACOLONIAL MADNESS: Jo Whittmore; Agnet: Jennifer Laughran, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Lucy Carson—The Friedrich Agency
Peter Steinberg—Foundry Literary and Media

July 7-11: Thrillerfest, New York, NY
Liza Fleissig—Liza Royce Agency, LLC
Renee C. Fountain—Gandolfo Helin Literary Management
Louise Fury—The Bent Agency
Eric Myers—The Spieler Agency
Sarah Nagel—Writers House
FAN ART by Sarah Tregay; Agent: Danielle Chiotti, Upstart Crow LiteraryJeff Ourvan—The Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency
Alec Shane—Writers House
Erica Spellman Silverman—Trident Media Group
Jessica Sinsheimer—Sarah Jane Freymann Agency
Alexander Slater—Trident Media Group
Uwe Stender—TriadaUS Literary Agency
Saba Sulaiman—Talcott Notch Literary Services

July 11-12: Book Passage: Young Adult & Middle Grade Intensive Writing Weekend, Corte Madera, CA
Minju Chang—Book-Stop Literary AgencyA BEAR'S YEAR by Kathy Duval; Illustrator: Gerry Turley; Author's Agent: Erin Murphy, Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Deborah Warren—East/West Literary Agency

July 16-20: PNWA Writers’ Conference, Seattle, WA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary
Ayanna Coleman—Quill Shift Literary Agency
Shannon Hassan—Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Rachel Letofsky—The Cooke Agency
Mary C. Moore—Kimberley Cameron & AssociatesTHE CASE OF THE MISSING CARROT CAKE by Robin Newman, Illustrator: Deborah Zemke; Author's Agent: Liza Fleissig, Liza Royce Agency
Monica Odom—Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency
Carly Watters—PS Literary Agency
Roseanne Wells—The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Katie Zaun—Emma Sweeney Agency

July 22–25: RWA Conference, New York, NY
Laura Bradford—Bradford Literary
Linda Camacho—Prospect Agency
Louise Fury—The Bent Agency
Marie Lamba—Jennifer De Chiara Literary AgencyEXTRAORDINARY by Miriam Spitzer Franklin; Agent: Mandy Hubbard, D4EO Literary
Kevan Lyon—Marsal Lyon Literary
Beth Miller—Writers House
Beth Phelan—The Bent Agency
Suzie Townsend—New Leaf Literary & Media

July 23-25: Midwest Writers Workshop, Muncie, IN
Christa Heschke—McIntosh and Otis, Inc.
Alec Shane—Writers House
Brooks Sherman—The Bent Agency

July 24-26: DFW Writers’ Conference, Dallas, TX MONSTROUS by MArcy Kate Connolly; Agent Suzie Townsend, New Leaf Literary & Media
Dawn Frederick—Red Sofa Literary
Shannon Hassan—Marsal Lyon Literary
Thao Le—Sandra Dijkstra Literary
Lana Popovic—Chalberg & Sussman Literary Agency
Christopher Rhodes—James Fitzgerald Agency
Alice Speilburg—Speilburg Literary Agency 
Uwe Stender—TriadaUS Literary
Carly Watters—P.S. Literary Agency

July 31-August 2: Writers’ Digest Conference, New York, NYBREAKING SKY: Cori MacCarthy; Agent: Sarah Davies, Greenhouse Literary
Marisa Corvisiero—Corvisiero Agency
Kimberly Brower—Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Linda Camacho—Prospect Agency
Kaylee Davis—Dee Mura Literary Agency
Linda Epstein—Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Marisa A. Corvisiero—Corvisiero Literary Agency
Melissa L. Edwards—The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency
Diana Finch—Diana Finch Literary Agency
Heather Flaherty—The Bent Agency
Beth Phelan—The Bent Agency
Erin Harris—Folio Literary ManagementMOSQUITOLAND by David Arnold; Agent: Danila Lazar, Writers House
Steve Kasdin—Curtis Brown
Catherine Luttinger—Darhansoff & Verrill
Cara Mannion—Harold Ober Associates
Kate McKean—Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc.
Paula Munier—Talcott Notch Literary Services
Sarah Nagel—Writers House
Alec Shane—Writers House
Stacy Testa—Writers House
Kimiko Nakamura—Dee Mura Literary Agency
Gina Panettieri—Talcott Notch Literary ServicesDEAD TO ME by Mary McCoy; Agent:  Madeleine Raffel, Hannigan Salky Getzler
Rebecca Podos—Rees Literary Agency
Lana Popovic—Chalberg & Sussman
Adriann Ranta—Wolf Literary Services
Eric Ruben—The Ruben Agency
Jessica Sinsheimer—Sarah Jane Freymann Agency
Roseanne Wells—Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

July 31-August 3: SCBWI International Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Jenny Bent—The Bent Agency
Brenda Bowen—Greenburger AssociatesMIND YOUR MONSTERS by Catherine Bailey; Illustrated by: Oriole Vidal; Author's Agent: Kathlenn Rushall, Marshall Lyon Literary
Barry Goldblatt—Barry Goldblatt Literary
Kristin Nelson—Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
Alex Penfold—Upstart Crow Literary
Stephen Fraser—Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Jamie Weiss Chilton—Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jennifer Rofé—Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Dilys Evans—Dilys Evans Fine Illustration LLC
Natalie Lakosil—Bradford Literary AgencyMS. RAPSCOTT'S GIRLS by Elise Primavera; Agent: Sthphen Malk, Witers House
Steven Malk—Writers House
Jodi Reamer—Writers House
Kathleen Rushall—Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

August 6-8: Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference, Mendocino, CA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary

August 7-9: Hippocamp Creative Nonfiction Conference, Lancaster PANew!
Mackenzie Brady—New Leaf Literary & Media BUNNY ROO, I LOVE YOU by Melissa Marr; Agent: Merilee Heifitz, Writers House

August 7-9: Willamette Writers Conference, Portland, ORNew!
Annie Bomke—Annie Bomke Literary Agency
Lucy Carson—The Friedrich Agency
Ayanna Coleman—Quill Shift Literary Agency
Allison Devereux—Wolf Literary Services, LLC
Susan Finesman—Fine Literary Management OVER IN THE WETLANDS by Caroline Rose Starr; Illustrator: Rob Dunlavey; Author's Agent: Tracey Adams, Adams Literary
Genevieve Gagne-Hawes—Writers House
Saritza Hernández—Corvisiero Literary Agency
Marie Lamba—The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Katie Reed—Andrea Hurst Agency
Angela Rinaldi—Rinaldi Literary Agency
Susan Schulman—Susan Schulman Literary Agency INVISIBLE by Dawn Metcalf; Agent: Sarah DAvies, Greenhouse Literary
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary

August 14-16: When Worlds Collide, Delta Calgary South, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaNew!
Sally Harding—The Cooke Agency

August 15: Unicorn Writers Conference, Purchase, NYNew!
Emily Keyes—Fuse Literary
Elizabeth Copps—Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Allison Devereux—Wolf Literary Services, LLC
Rachael Dugas—Talcott Notch Literary Services
Rachel Eckstrom—Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Jacqueline Flynn—Joelle Delbourgo Associates, Inc.
Stephen Fraser—The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Hannah Bowman Gordon—Foundry Literary + Media RUTHLESS by Carolyn Adams; Agent: Mandy Hubbard, D4E) Literary
Christina Hogrebe—Jane Rotrosen Agency
Carrie Howland—Donadio & Olson, Inc.
Andy Kifer—The Gernert Company
Katie Kotchman—Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
Gina Maccoby—Maccoby Literary Agency
Gina Panettieri—Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC
Saba Sulaiman—Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC
Laura Blake Peterson—Curtis Brown LTD
Jessica Regel—Foundry Literary + Media
John Rudolph—Dystel & Goderich Literary ManagementWHEELS OF CHANGE: Darlene Beck Jacobson; Agent: Liza Fleissig, Liza Royce Agency
Eddie Schneider—JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
Sarah E. Younger—Nancy Yost Literary Agency

September 11-15: Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Westminster, CO
Danielle Burby—Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency
Carrie Howland—Donadio and Olson, Inc.
Emily Keyes—Fuse Literary
Melissa Jeglinski—The Knight Agency HADES SPEAKS by  Vicky Alvear Shecter; Agent:  Courtney Miller-Callihan, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates; Illustrated by  J. E. Larson

September 18: SCBWI Dakotas Conference, Fargo, ND

September 18-19: SCBWI Ohio North Conference, Cleveland, OH

September 18-20: SCBWI MidSouth Fall Conference, Franklin, TNNew!
Cate Hart—Corvisiero Literary AgencyAN UNCERTAIN CHOICE by Jody Hedlund; Agent: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Lauren MacLeod—The Strothman Agency
Brooks Sherman—The Bent Agency
Rick Margolis—Rising Bear Literary Agency

September 18-20: Central Coast Writers’ Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA

September 19: SCBWI Inland Northwest, Spokane, WANew!
John Cusick–Greenhouse Literary8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel / (divided by) 1 Dog = Chaos. by Vivan Vande Velde; Agent: Jennifer Laughran, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

September 19-20: Alaska Writers Guild/SCBWI Conference, Anchorage, AKNew!
Danielle Smith–Red Fox Literary
Laurie McLean–Fuse Literary

September 25-26: Ridgefield Writers Conference, Ridgefield, CTNew!
Emily Keyes—Fuse Literary
Jessica Negron—Talcott Notch Literary ServicesSCARLET UNDERCOVER by Jennifer Latham; Agent: Rachel Orr, Prospect Agency
Diana Finch—Diana Finch Literary Agency

September 25-27: SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference, Charlotte, NCNew!
Minju Chang—BookStop Literary Agency
Miriam Altshuler—Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency
Adriana Dominguez—Full Circle Literary

September 25-27: A Weekend For Words, Los Angeles, CANew!
Marisa Corvisiero—Corvisiero Literary Agency
Sara Sciuto—Fuse LiteraryLION HEART by A.C. Gaughen; Agent: Minju Chang, Bookstop Literary

October 2-4: Write on the Sound Writers Conference, Edmonds, WA
TBA in May

October 2-4: Pacific Coast Children’s Writers Novel Workshop & Retreat, Santa Cruz, CANew!
Stephen Barr—Writers House

October 2-4: SCBWI Fall Fusion Conference, Reno, NVNew!
Gordon Warnock—Fuse LiteraryGOODNIGHT, MANGER by LAura Sassi; Illustrator: Jane Chapman; Author's Agent: Lara Perkins, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

October 3: SCBWI Nevada Fall Fusion Conference, Reno, NVNew!
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary

October 3: SCBWI Michigan Conference, Dexter, MI

October 8-11: New York Comic Con, New York, NYTHE QUESTION OF MIRACLES by Elena K. Arnold; Agent: Rubin Pfeffer, Rubin Pfeffer Content
Emily Keyes—Fuse Literary
More TBA

October 9-11: WordWave, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary

October 10: SCBWI Oklahoma Fall Conference, OK

October 15-18, Florida Writers’ Association, Altamonte Springs, FLNew!
Carly WattersUNRAVEL by Imogen Howson; Agent: Mandy Hubbard, D4EO Literary AgencyPS Literary Agency
Janell Walden Agyeman—Marie Brown Associates
Saritza Hernandez—Corvisiero Literary Agency
Laura Zats—Red Sofa Literary

October 16-17: SCBWI Southern Breeze: Writing and Illustrating for Kids Conference, Birmingham, AL
Rubin Pfeffer—Rubin Pfeffer Content
More TBA

October 16-18: James River Writers’ Conference, Richmond, VANILES WORMWART ACCIDENTAL VILLAIN by D.M. Cunningham; Agent: Bree Ogden, D4EO Literary Agency

October 17: Rutgers One-On-One Plus, New Brunswick, NJ
Application Deadline June 26, 2015

October 23-25: Surrey International Writers’ Conference, Surrey, BC, CanadaNew!
Laura Bradford—Bradford Literary Agency
Naomi Davis—Inklings Literary Agency
Laurie McLean—Fuse Literary
Patricia Nelson—Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Beth Phelan—The Bent Agency
Elaine Spencer—The Knight Agency
Nephele Tempest—The Knight Agency

November 6-8: New England Crime Bake, Dedham, MA

November 6-8: SCBWI Kansas Conference, Overland Park, KS

November 7: SCBWI Western PA Fall Conference, Pittsburg, PA

November 14: Bayou Writers’ Conference, Lake Charles, LA
Gordon Warnock—Fuse Literary
Info TBA

November 21-22: SCBWI-BI Conference: Testing Pages, Winchester, Hampshire, England

2015: Book Passage Children’s Writers’ & Illustrators’ Conference, Corte Madera, CA

2016 Writers’ Conferences

February 4-6: PubWest 2016, Santa Fe, NM

February 11-14: San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco, CA

February 12-15: Southern California Writers Conference, San Diego, CA

TBA July 2015: Desert Night, Rising Stars, Phoenix, AZ

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