Lately, a handsome little fellow, a House Finch, and his demure lady have been decorating the yaupons overhanging our pool. I put out seed a couple of times a day on the pool deck to entice the birds out where I can get a better look at them.

Several birds and squirrels have shown signs of nesting activity in the last few days. I need to hurry and get my trees trimmed before any eggs get laid or baby squirrels arrive. There have been seasons when I waited too late, then sweated through the hurricane season worrying about falling branches which were then occupied by baby squirrels and owls.

I grew up in Texas and had never seen these pretty finches until I was on a trip to Hawaii sometime in my thirties. A few years after that, they started making appearances in Houston. Now they are fairly common in my backyard, but it’s always a treat to see them.