Poinsettia3Happy holidays! This bush was a once a Christmas gift in a six inch pot. Now it is about four feet tall and wide. School will soon be out, houses will be lit up all over the neighborhood, I’ll be doing lots of cooking and shopping and my poinsettias will not be looking like this. But happily, they survived the recent freeze and snow, so they will look like this again in the spring.

Right now they are a lovely dark green with hints of red here and there, but in a few months the bracts will turn bright red. Not long after their color fades, my firecrackers, which are planted right next to the poinsettias, take over as the showiest red plant on the east side of the yard. The hibiscus rule the west side. Poinsettias need protection from the intense heat of summer as well as near-freezing temperatures in winter, but other than that they are trouble-free. They make such a pretty, unusual plant in the landscape.