Beautiful, wonderful, breath-taking snow! This is something we rarely get in Houston, so rarely that one inch of snow causes all the schools to close. People have wrecks backing out of their driveways. Our landscape plants go into deep shock, mortally offended by the freezing white fluff. But it is magical while it lasts.


We only had one day to enjoy it. Many of the children in our neighborhood had snowball fights and built snowmen for the first time in their lives. The few people who had already put up their Christmas decorations ran out to take pictures and videos of their homes covered in snow. By the next day it had all melted, though we still had patches of ice for a day or two.


I don’t mind that I will have to replant all the flower beds this spring, though I’m sad that my youthful orchid tree is probably a goner. The hibiscus and lantana will come back in full force—no worries there. Our duranta has never been through a freeze like this, though, so I don’t know how well it will recover. I’ll just have to wait and see. The firecrackers are probably doomed, but I’ll get some new ones. They grow quickly. I’ve got a lot of mushy plants to clean up—I can’t believe I forgot to cover the kalanchoes and begonias. Now they are a pulpy mess.

But all in all, the snow was worth it. I hope it comes back next year.