spireaUsually January is a time when I would be out cleaning up the damage from the December freezes and preparing new beds for spring plantings. But this year I’m having a bout of tendinitis in my right arm and my doctor has forbidden me from working in my yard until it heals up. So instead of showing pictures of all the great work I’m (not) doing, I’ve posted a picture of a plant that reminds me of snow.

In early spring the spirea is are some of the showiest plants in my yard. They bloom at the same time as my azaleas and just make the whole world look like weddings– elegant, feminine and luxurious. I guess that’s why most folks around here call them bridal wreath, regardless of what the variety’s real name is. These particular bushes are smaller than true Bridal Wreath, which gets up to eight feet tall. I think these are actually called Snowbound. At least the name is appropriate for January.spring garden