As many of you know, my home in Houston was hit hard by the flooding following Hurricane Harvey. Along with the house, we lost everything that was downstairs and much of what was upstairs as well. We’ll be getting a new home soon (we hope) and will need to furnish it. Our furniture had been collected over the many years of our happily-ever-after, and I hated the idea of buying a whole house-full of new furniture. We bought the basics—a sofa, a chair, and two beds—and stopped there. For the rest of our furnishings, we are planning to refinish, repaint, re-upholster, and generally repair old furniture we had in storage, some our own and some from now-deceased relatives. We are also planning to build some from scratch! The pages here are sort of a diary of our projects.

Rocker Redo

2nd Project: Updated Rocker

Chewed Ottoman

Coming soon: The Chewed-up Ottoman

My DIY Toolkit

These are items I’ve needed to use on these projects. More images will be added here as I complete each new project.