Chipper Shredder Rescue

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V’s chipper shredder under water for two weeks a year and half ago.
Let’s fix it.

Let’s not try to run it until we get all the water out. Intake assy removed. Carb is next.

Needle nose vise grips shut off the fuel line and then pulled off from carb. Can pull off carb now.

It has a fuel shut off on the carb which kept the water out of the carb. Looks good.
Later removed the float bowl and cleaned inside. Left needle and seat alone. It was ok.
Removed the spark plug and checked for spark. It was good so the electric system and magneto was functional.
Poured about two table spoons of marvel oil into the cylinder and pulled through several times to lube up the rings.
Next to drain the crankcase.
This was in the crankcase. Oil and water. Yuck
Drained the gas tank by removing the vice grips. All water.

Rusty water in the fuel tank.

So I bought a new gas tank on eBay but it didn’t fit. Oh well. They take returns.

Removed the old tank. Exposing the governor linkage. The left side of which was linked to the throttle on the carb.

Cleaned out the tank with cloths and flushed with gas. Cleaned the intake filter with carb cleaner and replaced the fuel line.

Carb back on and governor reconnected. Ready for intake system.

Intake system reinstalled.

Reassembled. Put in some TruFuel 50 to 1 mix.

It lives. Started on the first pull.Burning off the marvel oil in the cylinder.



Ten minutes later. Oil is all burned out and she runs like top.
I had removed the back as well and lubed up the cutting blades.
Score some points and saved about $450 on a replacement.
Ran to temp to evaporate any remaining water in the block. Then changed the oil again to remove any emulsion and that should be all of the water out.

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