Metal Chop Saw Resuscitation

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My next victim. Dry metal chop saw under water for two weeks and doesn’t run.

Into the wiring. The switch looks unhappy. Contacts look pretty dirty.
Removed the motor housing and the brushes.
Pulling the housing off.

Commutator and pilot bearing. The bearing is rusty and seized.

Saw removed, removing the shield to get to the gear box.

Two of these screws were chowdered at the factory. A struggle to remove. Will replace them.

Pulling the field winding. Gear box was sealed up. So I lubed it through an access hole and it turned freely.

Cleaned up the frame. The armature is stuck in the gearbox and I did not want to wreck it if it otherwise seems ok.

Pilot bearing was stuck on the shaft but i was able to free it up and then lubricate it. It now spins freely and fast with a flick of the finger. So I will leave it.
Field winding before and after some rust clean up.
Field winding going back into the housing.
Housing goes back on and the brushes go back in.
Motor finished.

Back to the switch. Cleaned the housing and cleaned and polished the points.

Switch cleaning finished.

Rewiring the switch and routing the wires through the handle assembly. Also had cleaned the power cord from caked mud.

Finishing the handle reassembly.

…and after.

Video of test. Saved about $160 for a replacement.

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