RCA Victor 56X3 Part Two

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In Part 1 we hoped that putting the needle near the middle was close enough. Nope. So let’s fix it. Plus fix another mistake I made.


Setting the needle at an alignment point – 1300kHz.


Transferring the reference location to so we can repeat the location.


Performing the oscillator alignment so the needle matches the point in the dial.


Sorry about the audio on this. 

Basically showing the oscillator has been adjusted so that the needle pointed at a location corresponding to 1300kHz on the dial. Also checking the antenna trimmer. Then share the need to secure the glass so it won’t shift around, also to try a new light bulb.


Explaining the need to fix a mistake in the original IF alignment I spotted on the original video. Did you notice?

Here you can see the gap between the glass and the side of the cabinet. This is partly caused by a joint starting to open up some in the cab. In the meantime we need to put something in there temporarily to secure the glass so it doesn’t slide around.  

Let’s just take a slice off the old cardboard that was originally in the cabinet which was holding in the glass.

Cardboard inserted ready for the oak retainer block to go back in.


Chassis back into the cabinet and checking alignment.


Final check. The users usually listen to 610kHz, so let’s see if that will tune in at the right place on the dial. Done.

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