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My Sansui 661 stereo receiver that I bought in 1977. Hardly plays and sounds awful. 
Stripped down to get to the potentiometers. Cleaned thoroughly. 
Somewhere in my life journey, my turntable (BIC 960) with a nice Shure V15 Type IV cartridge was lost or stolen from our storage unit. So I bought another. 

Had a Pickering cartridge which I want to replace with what I used to have. A Shure V15 Type IV.

So I bought another V15 Type IV. 
Replaced the Pickering with the Shure.  Rebalanced to tonearm and set the stylus pressure and the antiskating.
Checked the tone arm force.

Identified and ordered replacement bulbs for the amp long since burned out.

How does she sound now, man?
So the replacement bulbs arrived. All the lights behind the dial and signal meter, except 2, were burned out long ago. 
The one behind the dial are built like fuses. 

Behind the signal meter I had to solder in new leads, the yellow wires.

There’s a friendly and beautiful old face I haven’t seen properly in a very long time. 

Things getting back as they should.

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