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The smoker is Heavy, and was build with wagon type wheels in the back but fixed legs on the left side. To move it you have to lift, a lot of weight, and then stagger around trying to move it on the back wheels. Before Hurricane Harvey, Race and I had the idea to mount a boat trailer wheel on the left side to make it a tricycle. The handle can turn to lift it up on the wheel.

We built a proof of concept. We got the wheel assy and I got a piece of square channel steel and mounted it with U-bolts.

It worked, sorta, but the U-bolts would shift and then the steel channel would go crooked. Then the wheel assy was no longer straight and so would not roll well at all.
Then Harvey stopped the project.
Here is how it is mounted. Problem is: the U-bolts can slide up or down making the square channel crooked and the wheel assy slanted.

Thanks to Harvey, a lot of the hardware is rusted. Let’s get all this off.

Identifying the thread size. 5/16”-18. You’ll see why later.

The other problem is the handle is too long and hits the smoke stack.

Getting the rust off the hardware.

And painting up to match the smoker.

Another Harvey survivor, a piece of steel angle. Getting the Harvey rust off.

Using the cut off saw repaired a month ago to cut it.

Two nice pieces of angled steel.

Positioning the angle so that it can be welded to the leg. Then the U-bolt rests on the angle and can’t slip upward anymore.

Getting it “level”.  The driveway is not level, but it is close enough.

These U-bolts are too long. Let’s shorten them some.

Since we identified the thread, I put on the correct die, backwards. So that I could use the die to cut the threadform coming off the bolt.

Cutting the bolt shorter with a cut off wheel.

Then deburring the cut with a flapper wheel.

Then thread the die off, correcting the damaged threads at the cut.

That looks better.

Even better painted.

Assy finished showing the welded angled steel all painted.
“A grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain’t”.

Tearing this down.

Cleaned, wire wheeled and painted. Took the handle and cut it off. The crank is too long.

Took a 1/2” bolt and cut the threads off.

Then welded the bolt to where the handle was. The handle bar was not straight, but it will be ok.

Bolted back on.

Here’s how you move it:
Here’s how you set it back down:

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