New! Independent Press Gallery

January is moving on, but the recovery from Hurricane Harvey continues to be a hugely time-consuming endeavor.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have time to update this blog on a weekly basis. I am continuing to update all the conference pages, so please click on the links on the menu bar to go to those pages then look for the New!. For a while, my home page will host a new feature, an independent small press gallery. (I’ll try to come up with a catchy name later.) Like the Book Friends Bookshop, this will be a never-ending work in progress, as new presses bravely step forward.

Most books in brick-and-mortar stores are from the big five publishing houses and well-known mid-size publishers from the east and west coasts. But all across the United States, small presses are giving voice to authors whose stories won’t get a chance from the bigger houses but may resonate with readers across the middle of the map. All books shown in this gallery are by authors in the Book Friends Bookshop. Clicking on a cover will take you to the page for that book. A link to the independent publisher is in the information box on that page. Note to writers: many (not all) of these presses are open to submissions.

If you find something you like, as well as buying it, please consider requesting it from your local library or recommend it to your local school library.

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