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Kimberley Griffiths Little

I *love* your hair blowing in the wind! Sounds like a fabulous conference. I’ve been following Darcy Pattison for years and it sounds amazing.

Nikki Loftin
Nikki Loftin
8 years ago

Agh! The jealousy… it burns. I cannot believe I had to miss this conference AGAIN. One of these days I’ll get my priorities in order and tell the kids that “family vacations” come AFTER “writing workshops.”
You had cobbler. You had long walks with writers I’m dying to meet.
I… must go eat chocolate now.
(You look cute with the wind-y hair, V!)

Melissa Buron
8 years ago

This workshop was by far the best writing event I have ever been too! I think we should make it into an annual event. I love Darcy everything I learned from her! And don’t even get me started on the Camp Allen cobbler! Yum!

8 years ago

Thanks for posting the pictures Vonna. I really enjoyed the retreat and camaraderie. I noticed my name is the only one in our small group that’s not blue. One of these days I’ll get an online presence – in the meantime, I’ll enjoy yours!

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