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Everyone who wasn’t at the June Houston SCBWI meeting missed a real treat. Pam Calvert, author of the Princess Peepers picture books and the Multiplying Menace books, based on Sierpinski’s Fractal, gave us an in-depth, laugh-out-loud look at how she embeds curriculum content into her school visits.

Using her Princess Peepers school program as an example, Pam showed us she teaches kindergarten through sixth grade children how to write a story. Several of our more extroverted SCBWI members volunteered (okay, one was drafted) to play the parts Pam usually assigns to kids. We laughed so loudly that someone from the (very loud) political meeting in the room next to ours asked us to quiet down.

I can’t go into detail about her program here (you should have been there!) but I urge everyone who does, or intends to do, school visits to check out Pam’s website. It is chock full of great ideas and information, plus news about Pam’s books. Pam also shared some of her favorite links about creating school visit programs:
Teacher Created Resources
The Mailbox
Teacher Vision
Creative Teaching Press
Also, take a look at Pam’s blog, Woven with Pixie Dust and keep your ears open for news of announcements of her upcoming books.

Appearing this week in Houston:

June 15, Wednesday, 10:00 am
Katy Budget Books
Lean Bell

Today’s summer Reading Day features Lean Bell, who will be reading and signing her ED AND ALMA GO FISHING. The story is based on a true story of Leann and her father Ed’s fishing trip. It was modified to be Ed and Alma, Leann’s mother. Ed passed away in 1986 and Alma passed away in 2000.

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  1. This is something I’ve been thinking more about recently (since I”m hoping to do school visits in the future) so I’ll definitely check out those links. Thanks!

  2. Anna and Kelly, if you’re planning to add info to your websites about your school visits, here are some that I think are particularly well done (plus Pam’s, of course). I’m sure there are lots, but here are a few:

    Ruth McNally Barshaw

    Tammi Sauer’s website features a nice .PDF of her school visit brochure:

    Liz Garton Scanlon has fun PDFs of activites for her books:

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